1. Rick’s List
    1. 02-10-15 Add all trip pages
    2. 02-10-15 fix volunteer links on trips
    3. 02-10-15 fix all donation links on site
    4. 02-10-15 get mock ups of art work for shopping items
    5. 02-11-15 Fix posts
    6. Done  02-10-15 Figure out donation items
  2. Skips List
    1. Done 02-10-15 Load Gmedia plug in
    2. Done 02-10-15 Remove other media plug ins
    3. Done 02-10-15 load WP donations plug in
    4. Done 02-10-15 Remove other donation plug ins
    5. Done 02-11-15 Fix drop down from Get involved only shows 4 items even though 5 are listed in menu
    6. Create signup sheets for all of the trips
    7. Done 02-15-15 1518 need supporting pages
    8. Done 02-15-15 1522 need supporting pages
    9. Done 02-15-15 1516 need supporting pages
    10. Done 02-15-15 1528 need supporting pages
    11. Done 02-15-15 1507 needs supporting pages
    12. Update all Form builder pro plugins
    13. Done Fix SQL daily backup
    14. Take seamless donations out of sandbox and do a test donation.
    15. Done WooCommerce
    16. Update response emails so they provide as much info as we used to provide

After we go live:
1. Done Update all forms so that Rick gets confirmation emails of people registering and signing up for trips.

Things I’ve noticed:
saw that these pages don’t have a donate button at the top:

What I can’t figure out:
Why on this page: does the text in the donate section act as a link that doesn’t go anywhere. It isn’t a link. It is text and there isn’t a whole lot I can do about it except making a new page.

I can’t figure out why is named “Statistics and Awards” Either the slug or the name needs to be changed.