To register or sign up for a trip you have to be a member of the trail crew.

To become a member of the trail crew, you have to create a user name and password and fill out our information form. You only have to do this once. After that you can register for as many trips as you desire.

Trail sceneThree ways to sign up for trips:

Click on (Volunteer) upper right Home Screen or click on

Find and click on a trip on the (Home) page right side

Click on Get involved and find (Calendar) find a trip in which you would like to participate and click on it.



Big Meadows BC 07-13Cancellations:

A word about cancellations. For each trip, there is a set number of participants allowed usually based on United States Forest Service requirements. If for any reason, you decide to drop out of a trip, please let us know (contact us)so someone else on the waiting list can take your spot.