It depends on what time of year, the weather and the altitude of the project, in most cases unless you are above 5,000 ft you can use a 30 degree bag. Higher or bad weather and you follow the classic rule. You can always unzip a bag if you are too warm, more protection is better in this case, being cold at night is not fun.

Base Camp. please bring a cup, plates are provided, we have all other cooking pots and pans.
Back Packing, please bring a cup and plate and utensils,we do not provide any on our back packing trips, We supply all of the cooking pots and pans for the trip.

Base Camp, Yes you can leave at any time during a Base Camp trip. You should tell a crew leader or the trip leader if you are planning to leave, We are responsible for you while you are at our event.
Back Packing, No unless there is some emergency reason you must stay with the trip. If you leave we have to send two people with you for safety and it is very disruptive to the trip.

We loan equipment out for trips, we have back packs and sleeping bags just (Contact us) if you have need of any.

In most cases the answer is no your cell phone will not work. Some of the base camp trips have spotty reception.

Yes you are encouraged to fish if you would like. You have to abide by all of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Laws and have a license if required.

Base Camp: There will be a shower enclosure with a solar shower ( black bag of water holds 3 to 5 gallons, heated by the sun during the day). The bag is hung inside the enclosure for privacy.
Back Packing: usually there are several solar showers that people bring, and area is picked and people use their own solar shower bags, usually people share.

Base Camp: Not really if you want a day off during a base camp trip you just arrive a day early or leave a day late, or only work for a day.
Back packing: If the crew decides as a group to take a day off then you do it usually depends on the group.

Base Camp: The simple answer is usually not all kitchen items are stowed in trucks, if you need to store any food or scented things you can store them in the truck or bear boxes at the camp.
Back packing: Bears usually don’t bother our back country trips our food is in bear proof containers and any scented items you might have can be placed in the bear boxes at night.

We give the T-shirts out at the end of the project.

I all depends on what kind of trip you are on (back packing list )

The short answer is no. We are responsible for you when you are on a trip and hiking by yourself is not safe. We do not let people hike by themselves when possible.

We have vegetarian options in camp but we cannot handle vegan or special allergies cooking for groups makes it virtually impossible.

Yes you can bring a dog, however your dog needs to be under your control. If you do not control your dog and it is causing problems you and your dog may be asked to leave an event. We have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for everyone attending the event. If you are unsure if Fido is going to be good in a group setting with the possibility of other dogs don’t bring him. No one wants a dog fight or someone getting bitten and all that follows such an event.


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