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Hello fellow hikers and supporters:

Lets all sign up for some trips and create a few trips like the Ansel Adams trip last year. People are still talking about the great experience they had. We get a great group of people together and we can have a trip of a lifetime. so make sure you sign up for the trip you want to attend before it fills up. Look over the new website, I mean it is finally finished after talking about it for years, we now have the photo galleries filled all the way back to 2010. Check out the frequently asked questions. The Yeti (our new box truck) is here and we need to give it some personality to match its name. We would like to hear your thoughts about the site and have any pictures you might have from any events. Now go out there and sign up, more hands makes easy work.

Looking toward this season, new opportunities: We are considering adding a couple of new trips in the near future possibly in Yosemite and the foothills at Millerton lake. We need more people to cook and lead trips if you have ever flipped a pancake or grilled a steak, maybe scrambled some eggs or lead a trip of girl scouts give us a call, we never have enough cooks and leaders.

Spring Giving Campaign is back, A $5000 Match offered by Eric Hansen until May 30th.. Get a tax write off and double or quadruple your money at the same time, check with your employer and see if they match donations. You donate $50, your company matches$50=$100, Eric Hansen matches $100 = $200 donated from your $50. Donate at our web site, trailcrew.org or by mail at 2020 E. Birkhead  Fresno ,Ca 93730. Thank you to those that donate, thanks to those that are about to donate, every dollar we receive makes a difference. Please contact us if you have any business or organization that might be willing to sponsor a trip or donate to the Trail Crew. It is OK if you ask your employer to support our Trail Crew all they can say is no.

Volunteers needed for the Willow House and pre-season projects: We need volunteers to get everything ready for the season, tools, equipment the Yeti, trailers, and the food pantry. Please contact us as soon as possible and see how you can help, need to prime the machine. Anyone have a running riding mower they would like to donate, Bob Geertz the volunteer who is killing himself trying top mow the land around the Willow Lodge would thank you for ever. .

We have four new board members, this is a great thing we thank them for their support: Phillip Edwards, An active member of the Trail Crew who offers monetary support. He attends numerous trips every year and is a crew leader. Dave Martin, he was the District Ranger for the Bass Lake ranger district for years until his retirement in December of 2014. He brings an understanding and can supply help in dealing with the USFS. Tom Wheeler, A Madera County Supervisor, he brings a political side to the board in support of marijuana clean ups and stewardship in Madera County. Kent Kinney, A professor at Reedley College in the forestry, wilderness, and trail related areas, he brings knowledge of trail building and the complex relationships between land managers and the public.

If I haven’t mentioned it lately all of you are helping create a great organization, you all are creating something great, have a great time out on our public lands and remember live by our motto, Safety, Fun, Work



Rick Fleming

Executive Director


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