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160201 San Joaquin River Gorge, fence project (Day)(BLM Fresno County)(2-18-16)

160202 San Joaquin River Gorge, deck project (Day)(BLM Fresno County)

160203 San Joaquin River Gorge, trail project (Day)(BLM Fresno County)(02-24-16)

160205 San Joaquin River Trail (Day)(Sierra National Forest)(02-26-16)

160301 San Joaquin River Gorge, deck project (Day)(BLM Fresno County)

160302 San Joaquin River Gorge Trail (Day)(BLM Fresno County)

160303 San Joaquin River Trail (Base Camp) (Sierra National Forest)(03-17-16)

160402 Sierra Foothill Conservancy (Day) (McKenzie Preserve) (Fresno County)(04-09-16)

160403 San Joaquin River Trail (Day) (Sierra National Forest)(04-16-16)

160404 San Joaquin River Trail (Base Camp)(Sierra National Forest)(4-21-16)

160503 Siretta Creek, Manter (Back Packing) (Sequoia National Forest)(05-22-16)

160504 Camp Nelson (Base Camp) (Sequoia National Forest)(5-26-16)

160602 Pacific Crest Trail South (Back Packing)  (Sequoia National Forest)(06-14-16)

160603 San Joaquin River Trail Minarets (Base Camp) (Sierra National Forest)(6-16-16)

160604 Pacific Crest Trail North (Back Packing)(Sierra National Forest)

160701 Edison Lake (Base Camp)(Sierra National Forest)(06-30-16)

160702 Long Meadow (Back Packing)(Sequoia National Forest)

160703 Big Meadows (Base Camp)(Sequoia National Forest)(07-21-16)

160705 Ansel Adams (Back Packing)(Sierra National Forest)(78-24-16)

160802 California Riding and Hiking Fernandez Pass (Back Packing)(Sierra National Forest)(08-05-16)

160803 Ansel Adams Cora Lake (Back Packing)(Sierra National Forest)(08-07-16)

160806 Courtright Lake (Base Camp)  (Sierra National Forest)(8-18-16)

160901 Golden Trout Wilderness (Back Packing)(Sequoia National Forest)(09-04-16)

160903 Millerton Lake National Public Lands Day (Day) (California State Parks) (Fresno County)(09-03-16)

161001 Sierra Foothill Conservancy (Day)(McKenzie Preserve)(Fresno County)

161004 San Joaquin River Trail (Day)(Sierra National Forest)(10-22-16)

161005 San Joaquin River Trail (Day)(Sierra National Forest)

161006 Henthorne Trail (Base Camp)(Mendocino National Forest)(10-15-16)

161101 Sierra Foothill Conservancy (Day)(McKenzie Preserve) (Fresno County)(11-16-16)

161102 Illegal Marijuana grow clean up (Week Long) (Sierra National Forest)(11-12-16)

161104 San Joaquin River Trail # 10 (Day)(Sierra National Forest)(11-06-16) 

161105 San Joaquin River Gorge, deck project (Day)(BLM Fresno County)11-08-16)

161201 Jan Joaquin River Trail #12 (Day)(Sierra National Forest)(12-10-16)

161202 San Joaquin River Trail #13 (Day)(Sierra National Forest)(12-11-16)