Our Mission Statement

“To develop and empower volunteers of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to enjoy in the participation of preservation and stewardship, and restoration of our public lands and facilities”.

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We serve our mission by developing and implementing an array of volunteer opportunities in collaboration with and in support of our Partners, the Public Land Managers (PLM) such as the USFS, Department of Fish and Game and other public Land Management Agencies.

Teaching ShotWe maintain the highest standards for all of our volunteers and employees related to safety, environmental standards, general work, correct building practices and trail work. Collaborating with our PLM partners we offer our volunteers opportunities to perform the day to day tasks required to assist them in service our natural resources. These vocational opportunities for youth and adults will foster the next generation’s belief that stewardship of our environment should be more than an occasional practice and offer the possibility that it might become a career path.

Examples of some training opportunities are leadership skills, personal growth, low impact trail building, data collection, and the maintenance and repair of all aspects of forest facilities, including; fences, bridges, buildings and related structures.

036 Manter Meadows 1 04-13We create and maintain a culture of belonging and respect through healthy communication with others, provide a non-political, non-religious environment that excludes no person or group of people and foster a culturally diverse and sensitive environment in all of our activities. Partnerships will be built and maintained with community organizations including youth services providers, under-served groups, educational institutions; health services providers, diverse volunteer organizations and other outdoor groups. High dietary standards are maintained that are nutritionally responsible and allow for ethnically diverse tastes and provide the opportunity for diverse diet experiences for all.

Glowing Show Silver PassA positive relationship with our volunteers is very important and will be measured with satisfaction surveys. The dissemination of information and communication will be reliable, unbiased, inclusive and accurate. Procedures and policies are in place to ensure that our volunteers are given opportunities for personal growth, job training, positive experiences and Stewardship. Working with our partners we will perform needed stewardship while maintaining high work and cultural standards.

Rick Fleming – Executive Director