Crew Leader certification process

I.    External Certifications
A.Core Skills Certification
1.    Required: First Aid and CPR
2.    optional: Crosscut Saw Certification
3.    optional: Chainsaw Certification

II.    Internal Certification
A.    Core Skills  Certification
1.    HSVTC principles- mission, philosophy, leadership, attributes
2.    Safety- JHA, safety talks, situational analysis, ten essentials, assessing and evaluating volunteers
3.    Tools- Identification, usage, and field maintenance
4.    Navigation- Maps, GPS, topo, compass,
5.    Brushing- principals and standards
6.    Trail water diversion- dips, water bars, evaluation, drains
7.    Site Management
8.    Radio Communication
9.    Leave No Trace- principles

B.    Advanced Skills
1.    Rockwork
2.    Tree identification
3.    Cross Cut Certification
4.    Government Vehicle Permit
5.    Bridge and Causeway Construction
6.    Trail Building

C.   Master Skills
1.   Reconnaissance Leadership
2.   Trip Management- preparation for a backpacking and/or base camp trip
3.   Public Relations
4.   Trip Director- Assist and eventually direct a trip
5.   Administration- Observe Over site Committee and Board of Directors meetings.