High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew

United States Forest Service Hazard Tree Information

By volunteering to participate in any activity of the HSVTC, you will be acknowledging that you have read and understand at least one of the following USFS presentations on Hazardous Trees:

These two slide shows are similar in what they present. That is, understanding and recognizing the risks that are inherent with working and living among the forest and trees. For the more “hard core” among us, we have watched both.

Hazard Tree Awareness Course 1– (large PDF file of a Powerpoint Presentation)
Hazard Tree Awareness Course 2Р(large PDF file of a Powerpoint Presentation)

Hazardous Trees create a potentially dangerous situation in the wilderness. And, the USFS wants to be certain that you understand and assume these risks before you volunteer for an event.

(You will be asked to acknowledge that you understand and accept these risks.)