Vital Trail Maintenance offers projects and trips for families and friends.

Yes, we are one of only a hand full of volunteer opportunities that remain committed to offering you our events at no cost – it’s all FREE!

Vital Trail Maintenance is one of the key support functions we provide. Responsible for close to a half a million acres of wilderness and other forest lands, The High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew offers outdoor trips that can accommodate friends and family of almost any age and ability.

IMG 20150804 173035 717From easy Day Trips car camping at Edison or Florence Lakes – to long backpack trips down the John Muir Trail – you can find almost any level of activity you want to do. Not to mention campfire meals and friendship that are hard to replicate anywhere else in life. More questions about what trips are like, click on links at the bottom of page

The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is some of America’s most beautiful scenery. John Muir called it “The Range of Light.” And, you can either come alone or bring along your friends and family. Because, you will learn as many have learned over the years, Trail Crew trips really are “Trips of a Lifetime”

Volunteers can work as much or as little as they want. On a normal day our volunteers head out on trails to clear fallen trees, maintain erosion control, restore trail tread, clear encroaching brush, and most of all enjoy the Sierra Nevada and all it has to offer. The VTM program has been the heart of HSVTC since its inception.2015 HSVTC Grant Presentation

The Vital Trail Maintenance Program run by The High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew has been helping maintain trails on the Sierra and Sequoia National Forests for 17 years. Don’t be fooled by the term “trail work”; over the years our volunteers have said our events give them the highest satisfaction levels and built there confidence to get out and enjoy our public lands. Some have made comments that they even
gained weight because we feed everyone so well.   All you need is the desire to sign up. Show up and begin the time of your life with people you have never met but will remain friends with for years to come because you and they shared a unique experience together.
As volunteers you will head out on trails to clear windfalls (down trees), maintain erosion control (water washed out the trail), restore trail tread (short for put the dirt back on the trail), and clear encroaching brush (oh yeah, just like pruning the shrubs at home). Yes, it’s true all this fresh air, mountain scenery, wildlife, and four star meals prepared for you and it’s free. We encourage all ages to attend. You can call Rick Fleming,  the Executive Director, and get the details related to all events and obtain advice on the trip best suited for you and your family.

IMG 20150912 111912 753Please don’t forget you don’t have to go out on the trail and work, we need support staff at every event, in the kitchen, transporting volunteers,
and we always look for a project close to the camping location where we are staying. The VTM program has been the heart of HSVTC since its inception, come join us for one event, you will be hooked, we guarantee it or please let us know. One day to one week opportunities to work on our public land trail systems.

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