All public trips or activities are free of charge. 

064The Vital Trail Maintenance Program – VTM
has been helping maintain trails on the Sierra and Sequoia National Forests for 17 years. Don’t be fooled by the term “trail work”; over the years our volunteers have said our events give them the highest satisfaction levels and built there confidence to get out and enjoy our public lands. Some have made comments that they even gained weight because we feed everyone so well. Yes, we are one of only a hand full of volunteer opportunities that remain committed to offering you our events at no cost – it’s all FREE! All you need is the desire to sign up. Show up and begin the time of your life with people you have never met but will remain friends with for years to come because you and they shared a unique experience together. There are three types of trips, One Day, Base Camp and Back Packing trips. (more info).






Young Kid With Saw Cute

Youth Environmental Stewardship Program -YES.The High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew has found, over the last 17 years, that when families
with youth attended our events many remarkable things happen, mostly at 2 or 3 in the afternoon when the crew would return from the trail and the crew leader comes up to the parents to say “Wow, Johnny and Suzy, are amazing children, they work hard, are polite and helpful.” You, the parent, says wait a second, point out which child you talking about… it can’t be mine, and sure enough it is your child. Our events provide you and your youth an opportunity to expand your physical and mental abilities. We provide the opportunity for your children to use turn of the century tools and help move large quantities of debris from the trail. We empower your youth, to work side by side with adults as an equal, building self-esteem and confidence for everyday life. (more info)


Beach Cabin



Forest Facilities Preservation and Restoration Program – FFP. One of The High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew’s goals is to provide volunteer opportunities for all that are willing. Our Forest Facilities Maintenance division is for those that do not want to hike to a work site each day but would rather work in one location on a project. We assist the public land managers with the Restoration and preservation of facilities that would otherwise end up being run down neglected and eventually destroyed. (more info)




Hose And Truck

Environmental Reclamation Team Program – ERT  Since 2008 the High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew has been helping the law enforcement agencies associated with our public lands clean up illegal trespass grows that have been raided or abandoned. The Environmental Reclamation Team volunteers clean up an remove all of the chemicals including pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and rodenticides that remain killing both plans and animals and polluting our water sheds. We also remove the trash and irrigation tubing that are left behind. These chemicals and trash are having a devastating effect on our public lands and the animals that live there, the more we can clean up the better.(more info)