1510 Long Meadow Back Packing Trip

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Event Date: 07/19/2015 – 07/25/2015
Cost: FREE
Short Description: Back Packing trip, rock work.

Long Description: This is not any easy trip, high altitude and 5-7 mile long hike into and out of base camp. You are encouraged to stay over Saturday night at the trail head to acclimate. Please provide you own food for Saturday night and Sunday breakfast. Food will be provided Sunday lunch thru Saturday lunch. Crew will hike in the morning and should come out to trail head Saturday afternoon the following Saturday. This event is located in the in the Golden Trout Wilderness. An experienced crew leaders will train volunteers in general trail maintenance techniques and safe usage of hand tools. We will be removing brush and trees, repairing water bars, and installing water diversion structures. This is a beautiful area high in the Sierra, at least 6,000-7,500 ft. The nature of the topography, the distance of the hike into the base camp usually 5-7 miles and the work performed will make this a strenuous trip. There is no charge for this event, week long back packing trips usually cost at least $5,000 with 15 people participating that equals $300 per person. Please consider making a donation online or bringing a donation to the event. More detailed information will be sent to you after you sign up.

Work Activities: This project will provide the public a safe and unimpeded passage to the trails. The work will include contouring portions of the path and building earthen water bars for erosion control, if needed. Materials such as dead brush may be dragged to the site to help break the visual line of the path. Trail reconstruction will consist mainly of handwork, which includes construction of stairs, rebuilding of the trail bed, construction of water bars, bucking of downed trees, brushing overgrown portions of the trail, and other standard trail construction needs indicated by the lay of the trail.

Nearest City/Community:  SpringvilleLong Meadow Page scene

Work Location: Golden Trout Wilderness

Forest/Other District Location: Sequoia National Forest

Activity Level: Moderate to Strenuous

Meals: Provided

Trip Leader: TBD

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer: TBD



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