1655 November ERT Trash Cleanup day events

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Event Date: Saturday November 12th  through 18th, 2016
Short Description: November ERT Trash Cleanup Day Events.
Trip Type: Day Trip.

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Long Description: This is trash cleanup coordinated with law enforcement to clean up the trash left behind by illegal marijuana grows on our public lands. These abandoned or busted illegal grows cause a large amount of damage to our public lands. Usually the grows include camps that include trash, tarps and gas canisters. The grow areas usually include irrigation piping, and reservoirs. This activity is hard work on uneven land sometimes without any trail to speak off. Food for lunch and snacks will be provided. Crews will hike in to work areas in the morning and arrive back around 4 PM. Each days activities and locations will be different.

Partners: (Who) U.S. Forest Service, California Department of Fish and Wildlife and  are sponsoring this event.

(Where) Madera and Fresno Counties

(Meeting place) TBD

(Work Location) TBD

(What) The goal of these trip is to clean up as much trash as we can given our time and location restrictions

(Why) Trash and chemicals are destroying our public lands

(How) Experienced law enforcement leaders will lead and train volunteers in safe trash pick up techniques and the safe handling of trash. All safety equipment for this work will be provided. Please come prepared with long pants, long sleeve shirt and boots along with a 1-2 liter water bottle and a day pack. More detailed information will be sent to you after signing up.

Work Activities:  Hiking to the grow sites and bagging or removing pipe and trash from grow sites

Nearest City/Community: TBD


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Food: Lunch and snacks provided.

Cost: Free!

Thank You to our Event Sponsors!

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