1571 Upper Lake Clean Up


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Event Status: Open 35 spots left

Event Date: 3-26-15 through 3-28-15
Cost: FREE

hose and truck

Short Description: Environmental Reclamation of abandoned grow sites, Upper Lake area Northern California.

Trip Type: Car Camping Base Camp


Long Description: You are encouraged to volunteer and find out what is left in the forest by illegal trespass marijuana grows on our public lands. This is very important work that helps remove items that are toxic to wildlife and plants, such as fertilizer, pesticides, rodenticides, and herbicides. Specialized personnel will handle any toxic items. You will help remove trash that has no business being in the forest such as sleeping bags, kitchen items and irrigation drip lines. You do not have to be at the event for all three days. This event is not family friendly, there we be difficult steep hiking involved, most hiking will not be on established trails. Make no mistake this is hard work, all operations will be overseen by law enforcement. All participants will remain with the group at all times, if you are not a team player who can follow instruction this trip is probably not for you, there is little or no room for someone who wanders off to do their own thing. We will have cleanup supplies, extra safety equipment (bring your own if you have them: gloves, eye protection, water bottles). Wear hiking boots, tough clothing, rain jackets.  Bring your favorite tool for cutting poly-pipe (mine is an old hand pruner), a tool to cut baling wire if you have one, a day pack, personal lunch items and a water bottle.  Also, on cold damp days consider a warm, dry pair of shoes/sox for putting on back at the vehicles. If you have insect sensitivities or other important allergies please alert the crew leader.  Some poison oak supplies are available; bring your own as needed.

Work Activities: This project will clean up the trash left behind by illegal trespass marijuana grows on Public lands. Work will consist of picking up and bagging trash and irrigation tubing as well as removing material to the roadside by relay.

ERT pictures resizedStipends are Available if needed: for food and travel per day if needed.

Nearest City/Community: Upper Lake

Work Location: Not available before event

Forest/Other District Location: Upper Lake Ranger Station, Mendocino National Forest

Activity Level: Difficult to Strenuous

Meals: Not Provided, Please bring lunch on day that you attend


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Trip Leader: Bruce Hilbach